Zodiac Friends, Allies and Conflicts

As in the western astrology there are very broad attributes for each of the 12 zodiac animals. There are also groups and relationships between each of the signs. Some beneficial, some not. Remember that this is only one piece of the information, and as always be careful about making broad generalizations based on a little isolated piece of knowledge. This is only one of the cards, not the whole deck.

  The Competitors
Positive, determined, action oriented and highly competitive individuals.
The Independants
Emotional, subjective, highly principled, impetuous and restless people.
The Intellectuals
Purposeful with formidable capabilities and strong personalities. They are thinkers and visionaries.
The Diplomats
Sensitive and sympathetic. Cooperative, low profile types who are sociable and eager to please.

While there are these four broad groupings within the 12 Zodiac signs there is much more to this and below you will find more information on the relationship of each of the zodiac signs with each other. Again be careful, this does not take into account a person’s elemental mix or where they are in their overall Paht Chee chart. It is very easy to get this out of context when used on its own.

If you have already seen the information on self elements and strong and weak charts under Paht Chee, you will quickly realise that there are 20 different possible combinations of self element within every animal zodiac. Although this can be a bit of fun and surprisingly accurate at this level, there is certainly a lot more to this subject.