Paht Chee – Understanding the occupants of the home.

As we have discussed previously there are three types of luck, Heaven, Earth and Mankind luck.

Heaven luck is the luck with which you are born and is what we are looking at in the Paht Chee charts. By combining Paht Chee with Feng Shui we ensure that of the energies of the home are beneficial to the occupants. This is best achieved when the Kua numbers as well as the individual Paht Chee charts of the occupants are taken into account.
See the pages on Types of Luck and your personal Kua number if you have not done so.

It is important to note that the element of the year of your birth is not your element. Just because you are an Earth Dog for example, does not mean your personal element is earth. Your element is determined by the day you are born, not the year, and it is then influenced by the energy of the month, hour and year surrounding it. Otherwise everyone born in the same year would be the same and we know that just isn’t so.

At the time of birth we can calculate a particular combination of elements for each person. This is an imprint of the energies surrounding the person at their time of birth and form the basis for the Paht Chee charts, which have some influence over the rest of our lives. The identification of these influences assists us to maximise opportunities and minimise obstacles along our life paths.

The sum of the individual charts, of course, determines the elemental make up of the family. With each new baby the elemental balance of the family changes and in some cases the impact can be more noticeable than in others depending on what elements that child beings to the family mix. Children and animals are very sensitive to the energies we work with in Feng Shui and you may have noticed, or heard friends talk, of the changes to other children or family pets, as each new member of the family comes home. They are reacting to the elemental change in the family mix. We will look at this more when we discuss balancing the occupants with the room.

To find your Paht Chee chart and your element you will need to log on to one of the sites below.

You are looking for the Paht Chee, Four Pillars or BaZi calculators and will need to input your birth details. Your element is the heavenly stem of the day. To interpret if it is strong or weak will require someone with training in this area as there are many hidden elements to consider at this point. It’s fun though to have a look for yourself.
See Paht Chee - Your Self Element – does it need to be strengthened or weakened?

Paht Chee Charts
The wofs site is great for anyone who has not studied Paht Chee (Four Pillars or BaZi as it is also called) and will give you a simple printout summarised by element. This will give you some idea of your elemental makeup but to read this information requires a lot more detail than a one page printout.
TIP: When you visit this site, click on the “Four Pillars Calculator” on the right-hand side of the screen.
The Australian Feng Shui Consultants' site shows the hidden elements which need to be considered before a reading can be done. The terms on this site are in English.
TIP: Click on “Free Tools” on the left-hand side of the screen and then on to the Four Pillars Calculator.

Above are the two sites I use most.
Similar to the Australian Feng Shui Consultants' site, but it uses the Chinese terms which can be a little more challenging.
This site does tell you your self element if you are having trouble finding it on the other sites.

Your Self Element – does it need to be strengthened or weakened?

Once you know your self element you need to know if it is weak or strong and how to bring it into balance. To interpret if it is strong or weak will require someone with training in this area, as there are many hidden elements to consider at this point. This is a fascinating and reasonably complex subject but there any many very good books if you would like to go into this in some depth.
See ‘Reading’ for the scan of the covers of Lillian Too’s “Eight Characters” and Joey Yap's “The Destiny Code Revealed”

In Chinese medicine the idea is to create a state of balance within the body, and that disease only exists, when the natural workings of the body, are out of balance. Feng Shui and Paht Chee operate with the same philosophy.

For example, if your element is Strong Wood then to bring the excess of wood energy into balance, you need metal and fire energy, and to steer away from wood and water. Likewise, if you are Weak Wood, that element is strengthened by more wood and water to support the wood.
See chart below and also the Five Elements chart.

Once we understand the requirements of the individuals within the family and have undertaken the Feng Shui analysis of the home we can combine the two. More on this later after we have looked at the different types of Feng Shui.

Favourable elements depending on you Self Element

Paht Chee and Personality Types

Paht Chee is a method of forecasting the destiny of a person throughout their lifetime. This Destiny or Heaven Luck accounts for 40% of your overall luck. You may notice personality traits that belong to the different groups based on whether the self element is Yin or Yang in nature and of course strong or weak. Very briefly they are:

Yin Wood – like the grass, flexible always moving. Find their way, survivalists that are quick to adapt. Can be difficult to keep up with as they keep changing their minds and their course of action.

Yang Wood – tall like a tree. Determined and keen to improve their lives. Can take a long time to recover from major changes

Yin Fire – like a candle. Born leaders who take pride in showing people the way. Meticulous and detail orientated, great motivators but can be easily demotivated themselves.

Yang Fire – radiates warmth like the sun. Usually generous and open. Routine orientated and easily become bored with their jobs

Yin Earth – nurturing like the soil. Good hearted people you can count on. Understanding of others. Can have difficulty with quick or spontaneous decisions.

Yang Earth – like boulders or stones. Loyal, dependable and trustworthy. Can be unwavering and stubborn. Immovable like a mountain.

Yin Metal – like fine jewellery they like attention. Value relationships and are sentimental.

Yang Metal – the sword or axe has endurance and stamina. Hands-on types who make strong leaders. Can lack flexibility and act in haste.

Yin Water - like the mist or clouds. Often on the move. They are good teachers to feed the next generation. Can lack staying power.

Yang Water – like a river or ocean. Adaptive, intelligent and do not stay still. Usually extraverts. Unstoppable when they put their mind to it.

This really is such a short snippet of the information available on this subject, to reduce it to such a level, is almost questionable but I hope you will get the idea. The bottom line is that the energetic imprint on each of us at our time of birth is like a cosmic DNA and has an effect on our personality and the path we travel during our lives.

Reference for this information is Joey Yap’s “The Destiny Code Revealed” See the ‘Reading’ section for a scan of the cover of this book it you would like to know more. Lillian Too also has an easy to read book on the subject called “Eight Characters” The cover of this is also scanned under ’Reading’.