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Peach Blossom – Finding your Partner

This is one area of people’s lives where they are ready to try something different. Activating your peach blossom animal is one way the Chinese use Feng Shui like an ancient dating ritual.

There are a number of things you can look for to increase you chances of finding your life partner. Being actively involved in the process is the beginning.

By the mere fact that you are keeping your eye out for these indicators you will see opportunities that would otherwise have passed by unnoticed.

So what are we looking for exactly?

Take into account your zodiac alliances

There are alliances within the zodiac and naturally you will feel more comfortable with these people. See the chart above
If you don’t know your Chinese zodiac animal see the section on “’Find your Kua Number

Look for someone who will complement your self element

If you have worked out your self element through your Paht Chee chart, then you will know which elements are beneficial to you. Even though you cannot do a full Paht Chee chart without the time of birth, the date alone will tell you the self element of the person you are interested in. You may not know if they are a strong or weak self element but you will know if their self element is complimentary to your chart. This will also give you an indication of their personality.

For example, if you are a strong wood (yin or yang) with no missing elements, you would benefit from a metal or fire partner. Metal and fire have different personalities, both with good and bad characteristics. The emotion associated with metal is sadness, while joy is associated with fire. So you can see how knowing the options that are good for you can help you to make a great choice when it comes to finding your life partner.

Activating your Peach Blossom Direction

From your Paht Chee chart you will need to find the animal in your year pillar and also your day pillar. The year pillar is for you and the day pillar is associated with your spouse.

Identify the peach blossom direction associated with each of these animals in the list below.

It is believed that by activating your Peach Blossom Direction you can expect new and exciting lovers to enter your life. So, get yourself a compass and place a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers into a vase and set this floral arrangement first in your Year Animal Peach Blossom Direction. If, after three months, you’re not getting dates, place the flowers in your Day Animal Peach Blossom Direction.

For example, if you have Dog in your Year pillar and Pig in your Day pillar you would place the flowers firstly in the east and after three months in the north.

Please remember to change the water every day and immediately replace any wilted flowers. If you don’t, the relationship could go sour. The arrangements are best displayed in a lounge or family room. (Caution: If you are married or in a committed relationship, do not activate your Peach Blossom Direction as this could cause infidelity).

Through this daily practice your intent is clearly focused on attracting your partner. This method can be combined with symbolism if you would like to include something for your bedroom.

Activating the Symbolism of the Peach Blossom

Each Zodiac sign has its own Peach Blossom animal.
If you don’t know your Chinese zodiac animal see the section on Find your Kua Number.
If you enjoy the symbolism associated with Feng Shui you could try activating these directions with the symbols below.

For example if you are a Monkey, Rat or Dragon place a gold metal rooster in the west of your bedroom. Remember to use good quality symbols when you are using this method to attract the type of partner you would want.

While this method is good, the daily attention, and intention, involved with the flowers is also very powerful. See how you feel about each method and you may change your approach from time to time.

Look in your Ten Year Luck Pillars

There is a lot of specific information in your charts if you know how to unlock it. On your Paht Chee chart you will notice a series of ten year pillars at the bottom of the page. This is easiest to see on the charts from the www.wofs.com site. Look for your Peach Blossom animal to appear in your Paht Chee chart in a ten year luck pillar. This is when you will be more attractive to your potential partner. When this also appears in a particular year, the chances of meeting your mate are significantly increased.

Look for your spouse element to enter your chart

The spouse element of the male is the ‘wealth’ element and for the female it is the ‘power’ element. When this element comes into your chart, your ability to deal with the opposite sex is increased. The attributes of wealth and power will mean you are operating at your best in these areas of your life so it is no surprise that you seem more attractive to the opposite sex at this time.

These charts show you the element you are looking for.

You can tell if you will be pursued or be the pursuer depending if the spouse element appears in the heavenly stem (pursued) or earthly branch (pursuer). Whether the relationship will be stormy or long and loving can also be determined depending on if the spouse element is ‘unbecoming’ or ‘proper’.

To find the year you will marry

The animal of your day pillar, ten year pillar and of the year may also combine to give an additional element to your chart for that year only. If the element created forms your spouse element this is a strong indicator that this is the year you will marry.

In Summary

A lot of detailed information is contained in your Paht Chee charts but without having this read by a trained practitioner you can certainly do the following:

  • Identify zodiac alliances
  • Look for partners whose self element complements yours
  • Activate your Peach Blossom direction with flowers
  • Identify your Peach Blossom animal and activate using symbolism
  • Identify ten year pillars where the Peach blossom animal appears
  • Look for your ‘wealth’ or ‘power’ element to enter your chart

Remember that here we are working only with the idea of attracting a partner. Your charts may indicate that marriage is not for you and so that may make your endeavours more difficult. You may find a suitable person but marriage does not result. If this is the case further investigation of your charts may be required. This is only a brief overview of a very detailed subject and unlocking all its secrets takes time and training.

In the meantime… Happy hunting… isn’t that half the fun