Different Schools of Feng Shui

Now that we have a better understanding of the individuals that occupy the house we need to look at the Feng Shui that affects the building and then match the two together.

Form Feng Shui

Form Feng Shui refers to the natural formations around the home or building.

Ideally there should be a mountain at the back to give support. This is referred to as the Black Tortoise. There should be a smaller hill to each side like the arms of a chair. Again these give support and protection to the building. The hill on the left hand side (facing out from your front door) should be slightly higher than the one on the right hand side. These are referred to as the Green Dragon and the White Tiger respectively. It is important that the Green Dragon is slightly larger than the White Tiger to keep the tiger's energy under control otherwise there may be arguments in the household.

In front you should have an open area, referred to as a bright hall, to allow chi to gather in front. In front of that, there should be another small hill or rise to represent the Red Phoenix. Ideally in front of this, there would be a body of water to bring nourishing, growth energy to the house.

These formations can be natural hills and real rivers if you live in a rural area but for most people the ‘hills’ will be made up by the houses surrounding yours and the ‘rivers’ will be the roads that lead to your home. This does reflect the fact that the traditional Feng Shui meanings have been translated to fit in with our modern living environment. Naturally this has lead to lots of discussion among the Feng Shui Masters and will continue to do so, just as it would in any other industry that must update to stay relevant in today’s world.

When all these aspects are present you are said to have the protection of all the Celestial animals. From a practical point of view, this makes sense. The building is protected from harsh winds from all directions but still receives enough air movement through the building to keep it fresh and alive.

Eight Aspirations

This is a term that refers to a form of compass Feng Shui and involves attributes for each of the compass directions. It can be used in conjunction with the Eight Mansions formula to give insight to some of the energies affecting the family within a particular house. Have you noticed how certain things only begin to happen after you move? Perhaps you know of a house where similar circumstances befall every family that moves in.

Eight Aspirations allows us to identify and to enhance or correct these energies and the events that occur as a result. Once you start to work with this, it is fascinating to make subtle changes around your home and wait for an effect. Remember, to be sure of what is causing the changes you need to do one thing at a time or you will not know what effect each change has made.

The table below lists the attributes of each compass direction. Your Feng Shui Consultant will help you interpret this for your family.

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By looking at the attributes of each of the compass directions and overlaying those on your house, you will be able to see what type of ‘luck ‘is inherent in your home. Is the children sector missing in a house where the wife cannot fall pregnant? Is the north-west missing or negatively affected and how is this impacting the ‘luck’ of the primary male in the house? This is where Feng Shui really starts to get interesting. Remember accurate compass readings are essential otherwise all your information will be off.


Eight Mansions

Eight Mansions directions are similar to the Kua directions for an individual.. For buildings this is calculated on the facing and sitting directions of the house. This method takes into account the direction of the energy that feeds the home.

We all understand that the different directions have a different feel to them. Morning sun in the east, afternoon in the west, the northerly aspect is cool in winter and warm in summer while the south can be very cool in summer and cold in winter. So the energy feeding houses that face different directions will be different.

From this the favourable and unfavourable sectors are identified and the energy can be corrected or enhanced. By combining this method with the Kua numbers for the individuals we can find which parts of the house are suitable rooms for different members of the family to occupy

Most families will have a combination of members of the east and west groups so by balancing the energy of the house everyone who lives there will benefit. This is a method I have used with success in my own home.
This method is very easy to apply once you have an accurate reading of your facing direction. Make sure you seek advice from a professional on this point.

Once you have identified the correct chart for your house you will need to apply the five element theory to make the corrections in each mansion. See in the eight aspirations chart above the element of each compass direction. For example, if the direction is north, then the element for north is water and if you want to enhance that mansion you use metal and water. If you want to suppress the energy in that mansion you weaken the water with earth and wood. See the Five Elements chart.

Eight Mansions Charts for each facing direction

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Flying Stars

No house or building has good or bad Feng Shui all the time. This is where you see the impact of time in the energy of the building. When it comes to updating your home in line with these changes in energy, what will you need to consider?

Every two hours there is a change in the energy of influence. This may be useful, for example, in scheduling important meetings at times favourable to you. There is actually a whole lot of information on date and time selection if you are interested in investigating this further. For your information the 2 hour periods throughout the day are

While date selection is appropriate for events such as weddings, the opening of a new business or an important trip, there is a real need to consider the changes in energy at a yearly and monthly level from a Feng Shui perspective. Flying Stars is the method of Feng Shui that deals with the changes over time. The energies we are working with here are attached to the planetary movements around the earth. Flying Star Feng Shui allows us to plot the flow of energy as it moves around the house.

Time periods can be a small as 2 hours, a day, a month, a year, 20 years, 60 years and a complete cycle taking 180 years. For practical purposes changes may be done on a monthly basis but must be reassessed at least once a year. The 20 year and 60 year time frames are very significant and will need a good deal of consideration and planning. We are currently in Period 8 and will remain in that period until 2024.

The Flying Star chart for your house will be born out of the formulas concerning the time your house was built or last updated and the direction it is facing and sitting. Each of the numbers in the chart is stronger or weaker depending where we are in the overall 180 year cycle.

Each sector of your home contains five numbers which represent the house, wealth, health and relationships, the month and the year. It is the interaction of these numbers that determines the energetic influence on that part of your home at that time.

Naturally the annual and monthly stars move each month or year respectively. The house star will only change if the house is renovated significantly and this will involve changes to the roof, floor and doors of the house for a change to occur. It is important to do this to keep the energy of your home current and strong so you receive the maximum benefit. Houses that are not updated get tired and there is little benefit to anyone living in them.

Flying stars is a very dynamic aspect of Feng Shui and well worth the extra effort to understand the formula and numerical combinations that can be a bit daunting at first. The changes here can be rapid and very exciting.

Annual Updates

The following annual afflictions are associated with the flying stars for the year and of course there are good as well as bad stars to be dealt with. There is a real need to consider the changes in energy at a yearly and monthly level from a Feng Shui perspective and you will notice the changes in your home when you know what to look for.

I do find Lillian Too’s magazine ”Feng Shui World” an easy way to keep up with the monthly energy changes. There are a lot of references to her products which you may or may not like. Lillian also produces little books for the animal zodiac signs. These are enjoyable and give you an insight into the year ahead.
See a scan of these covers under the ‘reading’ section if you are interested

There are three main considerations in your annual update that must be noted -

The direction of the year known as the Grand Duke Jupiter

This is related to the energy surrounding Jupiter and it is significant enough for its effects to be felt. The Duke resides in the direction of the animal of the year and is to be treated with respect.
Here are animals and directions for the years up to 2043.

The Grand Duke will bring defeat and failure if not treated respectfully or if disturbed. Do not face this direction for long periods of time even if it is your best direction according to your Kua numbers. If your animal sign is opposite to the Duke of the year you will need to take care in that year. You must not dig or renovate in the direction of the Duke as tearing down and destroying buildings in this sector can attract his wrath and all the associated misfortune. Keep this area quiet and do not activate with too many lights. If your front door is here, close it quietly. Do not slam it and make undue noise. If you would like a symbolic Chinese cure for the Grand Duke you can place the celestial animal the “Pi Yao’’ in that direction.

It is possible to gain his favour by adding to or improving this area. For example, you may plant a tree in the east or south east, or install a new light in the south or add a small water feature in the north when he is in these positions. You can also enlist the help of the Duke by sitting with him at your back for support on important occasions.

The Five Yellow is the energy of misfortune.

This can be any kind of major loss or illness. It can be loss of wealth, employment, or robbery and accidents, illness or any other type of bad news. It may be advisable to move out of a bedroom with the Five Yellow for that year. Metal is the best cure for the Five Yellow which is earth energy and is therefore exhausted by metal. Some people swear by metal wind chimes although they are not suitable for every house. I personally like a chiming clock. It is not dependent on the wind and will sound each hour to weaken the Five Yellow. Clocks come in so many styles you can easily find one to suit your home or business. They are especially good in the centre of the house where wind chimes are unable to work. Coins or fans can be good too. You must not disturb the Five Yellow with digging or renovations.

The Three Killings brings bad luck associated with relationships, lawsuits, gossip and arguments.

Unlike the Grand Duke you must face up to the Three Killings. Do not undertake any renovations in the direction of the Three Killings during that year. The harmful energy of the Three Killings can be neutralised by the following;

  • In the years of the Ox, Rooster and Snake it is in the East and the cure is to use a bright light or metal to weaken the wood energy of the East.
  • In the years of the Boar, Rabbit and Sheep it is in the West and the cure is to shine a bright light or place a bowl of water to weaken the metal energy of the West.
  • In the years of the Monkey, Rat and Dragon it is in the South and the cure is to place crystals or water here to weaken the energy of the fire in the South.
  • In the years of the Dog, Horse and Tiger it is in the North and the cure for it is to plant a strong tree or place crystals to weaken the water energy of the North.

As always in Feng Shui we must fix the negative before the positive can work. So we must deal with the 3 and 5 and to a lesser extent the 2 and 7 before enhancing the good delivered by the 1, 4, 6 and 8. These numbers are associated with Flying Star Feng Shui and there are several books listed under the ‘Reading’ section if you would like to find out more on this subject.

On a more positive, note each year brings the new growth and wealth energy associated with the 8, the luck of new projects and romance associated with the 4 as well as the heavenly blessings of the 6 and the future prosperity of the 1. The 9 is like a wild card and acts as a multiplier to the numbers around it, magnifying both the good and the bad energy.

Where things really get interesting is how the monthly flying stars or energy impact on the energy existing in each sector of your house and the flying stars that ‘live’ there. Feng Shui really is a dynamic science; certainly nothing stays the same from an energy point of view. How well you understand and interpret these interactions is a real measure of the skill of the Feng Shui Practitioner.