Feng Shui and Paht Chee

We all want to live and work in places where we feel good and that are good for us.

Where we feel comfortable, in tune, and in sync with our world, not like we are constantly
going against the traffic, one delay after another.

The moment you walk into a new place, you will have a sense or feeling about that place.
It is our first impression.
This is often what we rely on when we are buying a new home.
How do we feel about this place?
What is happening is that we are picking up on the energy of the environment and how it affects us.
That is why one person can love a house and another can feel very differently about the exact same property.
It is the difference between a good house and a house that is good for us.

Have you ever decorated a room only to feel very disappointed with the result?
Although you thought it would work, it just doesn’t, and you can’t quite work out why.
It just doesn’t feel right somehow.
You are picking up on the fact that the energy is not balanced.
You can feel when it is not right, but you may not know why, or what to do about it.

The colours and furnishings of your home have different energies, they ‘feel’ different.
Red feels different to be around than pale blue or green.
Wood has a different feel compared to metal or glass. Colours that work in one area may not work in another.

Feng Shui and Paht Chee are ancient Chinese systems used to examine and balance the
energy of buildings for the benefit of the people using that space.

This is used to increase our feeling of being in sync with our world so we can maximise the opportunities
that come our way and minimise any challenges.
The Chinese refer to this as increasing our luck and it can be applied to both fortune and relationships.

Through Feng Shui you can experience how the energy of colour, space and furnishings
can be used to enhance fortune and relationships in your home or business.

What is Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to utilize the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive chi (energy). It is a method of achieving harmony and balance in the energies around us. From a state of harmony, enhancements can be made to assist in achieving some of life’s goals or desires. You cannot however put a few things in place and wait for the world to come to you. We are always a part of the process.

We can enhance the beneficial flow of energy and minimise the harmful energy around us. To an extent we all do this instinctively anyway. Feng Shui is merely applying some formulas to what our instincts tell us. It is not surprising that more women than men work with Feng Shui because in general, women use their instinct more and the ways of Feng Shui do not seem quite so foreign to them. Men tend to be more analytical and require the scientific data that was never necessary for the eastern mind. More on this later.

As we know Feng Shui is about understanding and working with the energy around us. We understand and can measure temperature and know when its effects are good or bad. We know and can measure wind strength and are aware of the difference between a gentle breeze and a tornado. So in some forms the idea of good and bad energy is very commonplace to us.

We know that all things are made up of atoms vibrating at different levels. This is how we can see objects around us. Some people understand and acknowledge the effects of colour on the environment and the people in that environment. How, for example, surrounded by red and orange instead of blue and green changes our mood. Other people, particularly the emergency services, know that the full moon affects the behaviour of people and changes their reactions. They come to expect that these changes in the energy will impact on their work life each time a full moon comes around. All these are examples of energy affecting our everyday lives.

We do not measure wind velocity or reactions to colours and the changing tides as readily as we check the time or the temperature, so to some extend these ordinary energy influences are less understood and can somehow seem mystical when we begin to work with them. Perhaps because we cannot see them, or just don’t know what to look for.

In Chinese medicine, the practitioner aims to keep the body in a state of health and therefore reduce the opportunity for disease to occur. What is good health practice will change from one season to the next and with the age and strength of the patient. Similarly, Feng Shui is the maintenance of the health of your environment to maximize health, wealth and happiness and minimize misfortune and accidents. In the west we will often wait until a disease occurs and treat the disease. By ignoring Feng Shui energies around us we are waiting for what ever luck, good or not, that may appear, and dealing with the results after the fact.

Types of Luck

To put Feng Shui in context it should be noted that the ancient Chinese believed that our lives are controlled by three aspects: Heaven, Earth and Mankind luck.

Heaven luck is the luck you are born with and how this will unravel during your life is seen in the Paht Chee Destiny charts and accounts for 40% of your overall luck. The concept of Karma comes into Heaven Luck.

Earth luck is affected by our interaction with our environment through Feng Shui. You start to sense and interact with the Feng Shui of your home as soon as you walk in for the first time and get a “feel for the place”. This is you instinctively reacting to the energy of the house. This accounts for 30% of overall luck.

Mankind luck is what we make of the assets we have through our own effort and plain hard work. Education is part of Mankind luck and can change your life considerably. Changes to any area will have a flow-on effect to all, with education and Feng Shui being the ones that offer the most tools with which to work and thus more opportunities to make changes.

Even though we cannot affect our Heaven luck as this is set from our time of birth this does not mean we have no control over this aspect. Understanding your Paht Chee chart will give you options and remember that Earth luck and Mankind luck, which we can change, make up 60% of the total. The only way we cannot impact these influences is by ignoring their existence. As always, knowledge is power.


What is Paht Chee?

Paht Chee, also known as Four Pillars or Ba Zi, is the system for analysing the individual. It is the Chinese destiny chart that maps the influences that will occur throughout your life. Your chart will give information about which energies are good and bad for you, how you may interact with others and how your ‘luck’ may vary at different times in your life.

Paht Chee when used in conjunction with Feng Shui principles gives the opportunity not just to balance the house, but to balance the house to the specific requirements of the individual occupants. This just makes sense.