Tracey’s Qualifications

Tracey received her qualifications in Feng Shui and Paht Chee Chinese Destiny Forecasting through the Lillian Too Institute in Malaysia. There she completed three intensive courses which gave her not only a distinction level in Malaysia, but also a Platinum Membership in the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in Australia. She is also an associate member of the International Feng Shui Association - Australian Chapter and has completed advanced courses in Four Pillars with Jerry King, Flying Stars with Joey Yap and Urban Landscapes with Master Mas. She has also completed two short courses in Interior Design and one in Reiki.

Tracey added the Paht Chee qualifications because she believes while it is good to do Feng Shui on the building, it is better if you first understand the needs of the occupants. This is what Paht Chee gives to the overall consultation. Given the home is for the people, surely we must start with the individuals.

Tracey enjoys showing you how “right“ the elements feel when they are in the correct positions. This is when the theory makes sense and the Feng Shui comes alive for her clients. You can start implementing your Feng Shui without necessarily buying anything at all: just moving what you already have into different areas and watch the changes begin.

Tracey uses Form, Eight Aspirations, Eight Mansions and Flying Star Feng Shui combined with Paht Chee Destiny Forecasting. She brings all this knowledge together in a practical way so you can discover how the energy of colour, space and furnishings can be used to enhance fortune and relationships in your home or business.

Please contact Tracey if you have any questions and together you can find the solution that best suits you.

Mobile: 0488 000 699